healthy eatingMost people have a silent disconnect between the brain and body when it comes to eating. The brain looks at food as a source of satisfying flavor, but the body could care less about flavor. Your muscles need protein to build themselves up stronger and every organ of your body needs carbohydrates to create energy so they can continue functioning. Yet, we don’t think about these things when we decide what to eat anymore. We only think about the flavor until health problems force us to think about more.

It is time that we all start thinking more about eating for health and flavor. It doesn’t have to be one or the other! Use the following three healthy eating facts to restore the connection between your brain and your body.

1. Labels can be deceptive and may sabotage your diet despite your best intentions.

One of the first things you learn when you want to lose weight or improve your overall health is to read labels when selecting foods at the grocery store. The problem is the labels can be deceptive. You may think you are purchasing the healthiest foods when you are actually purchasing a cleverly disguised unhealthy food lacking in nutrients. Here are some healthy eating facts to help you make smart decisions when reading labels:

The label doesn’t have to say “sugar” for a food to include sugar. Look out for barley malt, cane-juice crystals, and all forms of syrups as they are just sugar in disguise. Look out for high fructose corn syrup as well.
The ingredients are listed in order according to the concentration inside the food. The ingredients used in larger quantity are listed first with the foods used in lower quantity coming in last. If a food says it includes something healthy but that ingredient is not in the top five ingredients, they have used very little of it just for the privilege of saying it is in there!
“Made with whole grains” is not the same as “100% whole grain.” Products that are simply made with whole grain typically use whole grain mixed with refined grain. You need 100% whole grain and nothing else!

2. Unnatural sugar substitutes could be worse for your health than sugar.

Have you ever tried a diet drink and thought it had a funny taste? It is the sugar substitute that gives off the chemical-like taste that you have to get used to when going diet. While these substitutes have no calories and may help you lose weight, they are horrible for your body from a health perspective. It is always better to go with natural sweeteners, such as Stevia or honey.

3. Nutrients matter more than calories.

It makes sense to control your calorie consumption if you want to lose weight, but your body doesn’t care so much about calories. It cares about nutrients! You may eat fewer calories, but if those low calorie foods do not offer the nutrients your body needs to function, you won’t be healthy. Think nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, and lean protein. These are the building blocks of a healthy body.

Use these healthy eating facts to ensure what you eat supports your body rather than just offering something tasty for your taste buds. Your life depends on a reconnection between the brain and the body!

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