alcoholism detox

Alcoholism detox means that alcohol is being removed from the body.  Sleeping does not detoxify the body of alcoholism, just ask the person who has cirrhosis of the liver from drinking too much alcohol.   Drinking too much alcohol to make you into an alcoholic means the alcohol has penetrated the body in such a way that it in most every cell.

Ever notice how you can smell alcohol on an alcoholic so well?  When a person is so saturated with it they need to go through a detoxification method to rid the body of the harmful alcohol.

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How Long Does Alcoholism Detox Take?

A good detox makes take two weeks, but depending on the level of alcoholism, it can be as short as just several days.  Alcohol detox is absolutely a process that should be done under close physician care.  The withdrawal from alcohol can be very bad.  A person can have violent seizures, insomnia, and can be very belligerent towards others.  Alcohol cravings are very strong and sometimes hard to resist.  Close physician supervision will help to guide the alcoholic through the dangerous withdrawal symptoms, keeping them and others from harm.  The more severe the alcoholic, the longer the detox can take.  Withdrawal symptoms can last up to two days.

How Is Alcoholism Detox Done?

Depending on the patient certain medications may be prescribed to help the process and alleviate withdrawal symptoms.  Some people tend to disagree on the level of “withdrawal alleviation” medications that should be given.  There are some who think it is okay to allow a body to go through the withdrawal naturally, without the addition of extra medications.  But in extreme cases with severe alcoholics, it is more humane to administer these withdrawal medications.  Severe alcoholics may have withdrawal symptoms such as seizures where medications are absolutely necessary.  Severe alcoholics may also have preexisting physical issues because of the alcohol.  These patients will need extra special care to make sure they don’t develop further health problems.

Where Does Alcoholism Detox Take Place?

There are facilities that will do an alcohol detox as either an outpatient or inpatient, depending on the severity of the alcoholic.  The patient needs to be evaluated to see if they can be safely detoxed as an outpatient.  A doctor can best make this determination depending on the severity of the alcoholism and any medical issues or problems the patient may have.  It is the withdrawal symptoms that need to be watched.  The lucky ones will experience only mild symptoms of withdrawal like mild shakes.

The more severe will get into having headaches, excessive sweating, loss of appetite and even sleeplessness.  Severe symptoms can lead to life threatening seizures. These would be better to be checked in and kept over several nights, at least through the worst of the withdrawal symptoms.  Some of the absolute worst symptoms cause the need for medical intervention and these are delirium tremors.  You’ve probably heard of them as DT’s.  These can lead to convulsions and seizures.

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