back pain exercisesSuffering from back pain can be debilitating. If an injury or a genetic condition causes the back pain, it can be chronic and a constant source of pain. Practicing back pain exercises will help to strengthen the back muscles which can help to eliminate the pain. Doing exercises to stretch the “short” muscles of the back works to help keep the spine from being pulled out of alignment. When the spine is knocked out of line, it can cause pain. Lower back pain is fairly common with adults and normally a result of strain and overuse of the muscles.

If you practice back pain exercises it will help you to continue to be active. Sometimes a good work out is all you need to work the soreness out. If you give in to the pain and do nothing, then the pain will just fester (if it’s muscle injury.) Knowing how to hold and carry yourself will go a long ways in helping to avoid further injury. If the pain is very bad use ice to help ease it, or take an over-the-counter pain reliever. When thinking of doing exercises for the back, it is vital to also work to strengthen the entire core, the back, legs and stomach muscles. By being stronger you will have more energy to work through exercises that can help to alleviate the pain.

Cardiac aerobics are good back pain exercises. One of the best exercises that uses the whole body is swimming. It also takes the weight and pressure off and simply requires the muscles to move. Swimming laps in a pool is an excellent exercise. Walking is a good back strengthen exercise too. Aerobics is also known as “cardiac workout” because it helps to move and strengthen the core. It encourages healing oxygen to flow through the blood, which helps to stave off pain.

Sometimes back pain is caused from having a weak core. When the muscles that make up the core are weak they may pull the back more, causing pain and stress. Good back pain exercises would be ones that work to build up and develop the core muscle groups. The abdomen, buttocks and hips needs to be developed to help better support the back. By helping the back to have better posture helps to stabilize the spine and helps to avoid injury of the short back muscles. Exercises for the back aren’t complicated and should be easy to do from home, with no need of specialized equipment or a gym visit.

Avoid certain exercises that can aggravate back pain like having the legs straight while doing sit-ups. Sit-ups in general aren’t good back pain exercises, nor is lifting the legs while back lying. Avoid lifting weights from the waist up, as this strains the back. Even toe touches can cause the back to spasm. Aerobics are the best and most gentle exercises that will help to build strength with little injury. Once you become accustomed to aerobics, you can add weights to the ankles and wrists to intensify the workout. Aerobics are easy to do, it is easy to find instructional aerobic exercise DVD’s, or to join an aerobics class.

Back pain exercises should also focus on strengthening the upper back as well as the lower. Do a lot of gentle stretching of the abdomen, legs and the back prior to the work out and even after as a cool down.

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