Brain Gym ExercisesFor those people getting older, brain gym exercises may make sense, but they might think we’re talking about crossword puzzles or other brain-teaser games. As a “workout program” for your brain, these exercises combine the entire body’s nervous system, in an effort to increase retention and learning abilities. You may have heard the old adage, “use it or lose it” and memory, concentration or focus could be affected, when the brain isn’t exercised, properly.

The question might be whether you need a “workout program” for the brain, but newer research indicates a dip in IQ can occur, when your brain isn’t working at full capacity. Research indicates IQ is a measurement that can rise and fall, even if it’s temporary. The theory of “exercising” the brain includes a number of seemingly, unrelated kinds of tasks. The ability to solve abstract problems or retain information in the brain can be enhanced through increased oxygen and blood flow, hydration and the training does not require large amounts of energy.

Brain gym exercises focus on basic tasks that include techniques for better posture, lengthening the muscles, as opposed to stretching them and using cross training of the left and right sides of the brain. It’s possible to use 2-minute massages, gentle pressure, isometrics and other low-energy muscular exercises to give your brain a boost, prior to a learning experience. Drinking water, belly breathing and visual, audio or cognitive “workouts” can lead to better performance in brain process.

If you listen to scientific evidence, there are studies that conclude your brain may “vacation”, when you are away from learning experiences. As a child, you have a natural neural pathway system that incorporates all your senses, in your learning experience. The older you get, the more congested or “lazy” these pathways can become, unless they are exercised in a variety of challenging ways. It’s believed that teenager IQ can fluctuate as much as 20 points, in as little as 2 weeks. Could it be that they aren’t “working” their brain, properly?

As an older adult, The risk of alzheimer’s disease and other memory problems can start to surface. It’s possible the “vacation” has been too long and there hasn’t been a regular brain-fitness program in place. To increase concentration and memory, it’s possible a few simple physical movements are all that’s needed to increase your brain’s capability.

If you wonder whether a brain “workout” is the possible solution to your memory or concentration problems, brain gym exercises are a good way to test the theory. Through 26 movements and techniques, (which are structured in different levels), it’s possible to boost your brain power and rebuild neural pathways. Your body contains a complicated nerve system that takes orders from and feeds information to the brain. It could be that becoming physically active and mentally-stimulated are activities that belong together. Boosting IQ is a side effect of the ability to learn and retain information.

Brain gym exercises are being used to teach children in schools, but they are also being used by the elderly, to increase their brain sharpness and fight off degenerative conditions. If your brain’s been on “vacation” a little too long, perhaps a consistent and successful “brain workout” is required.

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