Choose Your Vitamin Supplement

A vitamin supplement should add a few important nutritional elements to a healthy diet. It is not meant to replace good food or positive eating habits. At the same time, even a well-balanced meal could be missing some important vitamins and minerals that are necessary for good overall health.


Vitamin C is a well-known product. It supports the immune system, which is why consumers tend to take it during the winter months when colds and flues are prevalent. Iron and calcium are two more of the best known and most commonly purchased products on the market. Calcium is critical to the growth and health of bones and teeth. Iron supports red blood cells which distribute oxygen around the body.

You might eat a lot of oranges and kiwis during the summer, but when winter sets in they can be expensive and hard to find. Calcium comes in the form of nuts, dairy products, and green leafy vegetables. Lactose intolerant people and those with nut allergies may be struggling to get enough calcium just by eating broccoli and kale. As for iron, consumers need this to have the energy required to perform even regular tasks without feeling exhausted afterwards.

If a consumer is eating a diet rich in these and other elements, he may still be missing something. Many vitamins and minerals rely on other elements if they are to be absorbed into the bloodstream. For example, citrus fruits and proteins should be consumed together. Vitamin D from the sun helps the body to absorb calcium. Some breakfast cereals have been fortified with these and other substances.

In some cases, a consumer has a medical condition such as arthritis, which means that his needs are very specific. He might look to enhance his health by purchasing compounds that reduce inflammation. It is important to do your research when looking for products as there are many claims made by the producers of supplements. Talk to other consumers and read reviews to find out which nutrients are most likely to help you reduce the pain in arthritic hands or lessen the severity of asthma attacks.

Some symptoms of depression and anxiety can also be reduced by consuming certain compounds. A number of B vitamins are thought to affect chemicals in the brain which regulate mood. Melatonin can support healthy sleep patterns, meaning that a consumer gets more rest, resulting in a positive outlook on life and better concentration at work or school.

Women and men have different needs. Their supplements will look different to reflect these dietary requirements. Pregnant women are told to take a product made just for them. It offers folic acid and other essential nutrients which support fetal growth. Menstruation can cause anemia, meaning iron is often an essential addition to the diets of women and teenage girls.

Choosing from the assortment of pills and chewable tablets on the market can be difficult. A vitamin supplement might be suspended in a liquid or made to taste like candy. Certain brands are made using artificial colorants and sweeteners. Others provide everything you need in one dose every day, saving you the bother of purchasing several bottles of pills.





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