Get Rid Of Parasites NaturallyIntroduction: Parasites

It is very important to get rid of parasites in your body. Parasites are harmful organisms that invade the body from time to time. It is important to note that there are more than 3000 parasite varieties capable of invading the human body. Examples of common parasites that invade the body include worms such as hookworms, tapeworms, pinworms, roundworms.

There is this common misconception that many people have about parasites, for example,  parasites which invade the human body live in the intestines. This is totally false.

Parasites live in many other parts of the body apart from the intestines. For instance, parasites live in the lymphatic system, blood, body tissues, vital body organs such as brain, kidney, etc.

Recognizing Parasite Symptoms

Parasites usually find their way into the human body through the food we eat especially if the food is not cooked properly or if it is raw. Examples of raw foods which have potential to carry and transmit parasites include foods such as sushi, raw vegetables and fruits. Parasites also reach the body through the skin. Parasites such as hookworms are good examples of parasites which enter the body through the skin. If parasites are not eliminated from the body, they can cause a wide range of medical/health problems. Examples of health problems/diseases caused by parasites include; anemia, nausea, chronic fatigue, pneumonia and malnutrition. You can get rid of parasites artificially using medicines or naturally by eating certain foods. Below are effective ways of getting rid of parasites from your body naturally.

Effective natural ways to get rid of parasites

1. Eating garlic

For a long time, eating garlic has been associated with killing parasites in the body. This fact has been proven through scientific studies. To kill parasites in your body using garlic, you have to eat it before meals. This stimulates gastric secretions which are effective in killing parasites present in the digestive tract. Garlic on its own also has medicinal properties which also help in killing parasites and germs.

2. Taking Papain

Papain is a common digestive enzyme acquired from papaya. The enzyme has medicinal properties that assist in killing parasites commonly found in the digestive tract. Papain should be taken about an hour before food to allow the enzyme enough time to work. Like garlic, Papain is a natural substance thus it offers a natural remedy for killing parasites in the human body.

3. Eating pumpkin seeds

According to research, pumpkin seeds have been proven to be effective in killing some parasites (canine intestinal parasites) i.e. roundworms and tapeworms. Pumpkin seeds can be roasted or cooked lightly using a pan to remove contaminants and then eaten. Like garlic and Papain, pumpkin seeds should be eaten on an empty stomach.

4. Eating carrots

Carrots are popularly known to have antioxidant properties necessary for killing parasites. For instance, carrots contain essential oil effective for killing pinworms and roundworms.

5. Pomegranates

Pomegranates are fruits produced from a deciduous shrub/small tree known as the pomegranate. The fruits have been proven to be effective in destroying parasites found in the intestines  like worms. Eating raw pomegranates before meals is therefore another effective way for you to get rid of parasites in your body.

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