Many people aspire to have a vibrant healthy life without any diseases or unwanted body weight. Many make the resolutions each year to start going on a diet but few actually follow up on their plans. Most people take good eating habits for granted until they are jolted into action by a tragic event like being diagnosed with eating habit related illness. So it is advisable that a person starts eating healthy foods but not starve while trying to lose weight.

There are several foods that you can consume that are guaranteed to make your body healthier and leave you feeling strong and vibrant. Your diet should be loaded with grains and other fiber containing foodstuff. These benefit the taker in many different ways such as help prevent killer diseases like diabetes and cancer. The fiber content in the grains also aids digestion in the stomach preventing constipation and ensuring you eat less.

You should also load up on foods that are low in fat and cholesterol. This can be done by reducing your intake of red meat and substituting it with white meat which is nutritious and low in fat. This can be got from chicken meat and fish. You should also reduce the intake of pork products which have a high content of bad fat.

You should also replace all margarine, butter, vegetable cooking fats and corn oils with olive oil which is healthier and contains less bad fat for your body. You should avoid deep frying your meat and fish and stick to healthier cooking such as use of a grill or searing using a pan. Alternatively, you can avoid the meats completely and consume legumes such as beans and green grams for your source of proteins.

The best way to ensure a healthy diet is reducing your intake of salt and sugar during your meals. You should reduce snacking between meals or alternatively take fruits instead of the snacks that are full of sugar and salt.

Reduce the amount of salt put into the food during cooking as well as discouraging the use of a salt shaker on the dinner table. You should also be discouraged from taking sweetened beverages as they add to the bad sugar intake which might cause disease.

You should fill your diet with fruits and vegetables. Green vegetables contain calcium and other minerals and vitamins which are good for the blood and body in general. You should also fill up on sweet vegetables and fruits to help kill your craving for artificially sweetened snacks and drinks. You should insist on fresh fruits and vegetables and where possible to take those that are produced organically as they have no contaminants.

You are also advised to increase your intake of milk and other foods that contain calcium so as to build stronger bone. You should ensure you balance all these foods moderately during each serving so that your body gets all the nutrients it needs to be healthier. All these combined with moderate exercise shall lead to a healthier vibrant life for you and your family.