High Cholesterol SymptomsCholesterol is naturally found in the body it is a fatty-like substance that is in the blood. Your body makes all of this substance that the body needs, but you can ingest it too with the food you consume. There are times when you can get too much of this substance in your blood. This is considered a high cholesterol level. Do you have high cholesterol symptoms when this occurs? Let’s look more at what this condition is, its symptoms and treatments for it.

What is High Cholesterol?

If you have higher than normal levels of cholesterol, it can accumulate in your arteries. This can cause atherosclerosis which is better known as hardening of the arteries. This happens slowly over time and often worsens with age. Also, too much cholesterol can cause a heart attack or a stroke to happen.

More than One Type of Cholesterol

There is good and bad cholesterol. The good kind is called HDL that helps remove the fat out of your blood. Having a high level of this is beneficial in preventing heart attacks. The bad kind is called LDL, and this is the one that can cause your arteries to become blocked. The level of this type of cholesterol determines if you have high cholesterol or not.


There are no definite high cholesterol symptoms. Other than the diseases and health it causes, the only way to know if your cholesterol levels are high is to have your blood checked on a regular basis. This test is called the lipoprotein profile and it checks both good and bad cholesterol.


Now that you know there are no visible high cholesterol symptoms, let’s cover the causes. There are a number of things which can make cholesterol to be too high. It can start with the foods you eat. If you eat too much trans-fat, saturated fat or cholesterol, you can cause your cholesterol to be too high. The cholesterol and saturated fat can be found in foods that come from animals. These include meats, butter, whole milk and even egg yolks. The Trans-fat come in processed foods such as potato chips, cookies and so on.

If you are overweight, you can be at risk for elevated levels of cholesterol. Sitting around and not exercising will also cause this to happen. The older you get, the more at risk you are in this condition. If your overall health is not what it should be, this can also elevate cholesterol levels. Genetics play a huge role in determining your risk for high cholesterol as well.


If your bad cholesterol is found to be too high, then the doctor will recommend a course of treatment to lower it. The first part of the treatment will include certain changes in your eating habits and activity level. Sometimes changing these alone will lower your cholesterol to where it should be. If not, then there are also medications that the doctor can prescribe to be taken on a regular basis. Each person’s situation is a bit different, so there is no one treatment that fits all.

Just because high cholesterol symptoms do not really exist, this does not mean that you can ignore your body’s cholesterol levels. Have regular checkups and blood tests to make sure your levels are where they should be. Take care of your health.

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