Metabolic SyndromeMost of us know that our metabolic rate is the rate at which our bodies burn energy in any given period of time; but not so many people know what Metabolic Syndrome is!

Metabolic syndrome is the term that the medical fraternity gives to a number of risk factors that when grouped together, will resort in being injurious to your health, and may possibly even prove fatal. By far the greatest threat that metabolic syndrome brings about, is the seriously increased incidence of heart attack.

Heart attacks kills! Not only that, but if they are survived they can often ruin your life, turning you from a healthy active person, into a timid shadow of your former self due to the threat of further attacks. The heart can become so weakened that any more undue exertion may prove life threatening.

Metabolic syndrome is often characterized by obesity, a condition that results in hypertension, or high blood pressure. Obesity also puts a huge strain on your heart because the fatty tissue that accumulates around your veins and arteries constricts them, making the heart work a lot harder to pump the blood through them.

Once metabolic syndrome is diagnosed, it needs to be treated right away; but the good news is that with the right remedies, it is eminently treatable – and the right remedy is regular physical exercise.

Unless you have a glandular problem, obesity is mostly caused by one thing – lack of exercise. Many people make the mistake of saying that it’s down to your diet. Yes, of course the amount that you eat and drink will have an effect, but mostly if you don’t get enough exercise.

If you allow yourself to develop into a couch potato, you’ll quickly find that your propensity to put weight on increases dramatically. This is because you are consuming more calories through food and drink than your body expends on exercise.

With the right level of exercise, you’ll be able to eat more because your body will burn off the calories through the act of exercising. You now know that metabolic syndrome is the name accorded to a group of risk factors, but your metabolic rate is the key to lowering and dispensing with this risk.

One of the important things about a regime of regular physical exercise is that it results in speeding up your metabolic rate. The higher your metabolic rate becomes the more energy your body will burn, and therefore the more fat you will shed.

One of the amazing truths about increasing your metabolic rate via regular exercise is that it doesn’t only work while you are exercising. Once you increase your metabolic rate it carries on working at a higher level, even when you’re asleep. So just imagine; you can legitimately lose (weight) while you snooze!

As your metabolic syndrome diminishes, so does the attendant risk of stroke or heart attack. It also improves your chances of not falling foul of diabetes too.

The other benefit is that you’ll also look and feel better for losing weight. You won’t feel so tired, your stamina will increase, and you’ll also find that your self esteem is boosted too. They say that fat people are jolly. Don’t you believe it! Most fat people would do anything to get rid of their obesity.

We said at the beginning of this article that it’s not just how much you eat that causes metabolic syndrome. But one thing you should be aware of is that a well balanced healthy diet will work hand in glove with regular physical exercise to help you to lose weight even more effectively.






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