How to increase Hdl CholesterolMany people are searching ways to increase HDL in their bodies. Are you one of them? What is HDL? Read on to find out an answer to this last question and how you can increase it in your own body.

What is HDL?

Cholesterol in the body can be both good and bad depending on what type it is. The LDL is the low-density lipoproteins and this is considered bad cholesterol. These lipoproteins are responsible for transporting cholesterol to various parts of your body for use. What is not used keeps traveling through your bloodstream. As time goes by the LDL cholesterol build up in your vessel walls. This can make is harder for the blood to flow and can lead to disease happening in the coronary artery. This is the main reason to keep your LDL numbers low.

The HDL, on the other hand, is the high-density lipoproteins. This HDL is the good cholesterol. This is because the high-density lipoproteins are scavengers and the grab the excess cholesterol and take it to your liver so it can be broken down and used. The more HDL you have the less LDL you will have to cause you problems. This means you need to know how to increase HDL in your body for optimum health.

How to Have more HDL

It is important to know how to have more HDL in your body all the time. However, it is even more important when your LDL numbers are too high. With a few lifestyle changes you can easily raise your HDL level. Follow the information below to know how:

1. Maintain a healthy weight. Lose some pounds if you need to accomplish this task. Even losing just a small amount of weight can increase HDL for you. Do this by eating healthy foods and working out or doing other physical activity.

2. Eat the healthier fats. This one goes hand in hand with losing weight. Your body needs a certain amount of fats. Only 25 to 35 percent of your daily calories should be from fat. You need to stay away from the foods that have trans-fats or the saturated fats. These make the level of LDL higher and can cause health problems. Less than 7 percent of your daily diet should be from saturated fats. Completely steer clear of the trans-fats these are the most harmful. The polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are the healthiest and they are found in peanut, canola and olive oils. These raise the HDL levels.

3. Quit smoking or never start in the first place. Smoking lowers the level of HDL. There are various methods for quitting today, just consult with your doctor for the method he recommends.

4. You need to be active. Regular exercise will increase your level of HDL over time. Exercise at least 5 times a week for least 15 minutes a day for the best results.

5. Various foods can increase HDL. Whole grains, walnuts and some other nuts, some types of fish, flaxseeds are just some examples of these foods.

These are just some things you can do to increase HDL levels in your body. Your doctor may also prescribe some medication to help control LDL levels and to help increase your level of HDL. Keeping your HDL and LDL levels where they are supposed to be helps you be heart healthy.

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