how to quit drinkingDrinking causes many problems in life from health concerns to relationship concerns. There are many reasons to quit drinking but for some people, finding out how to quit drinking is just too big of a problem to tackle on their own. They need the help of a good friend or a support group that can stand beside them and tell them NO!

There are many different medications that you can take to try to help you quit drinking but if you are not disciplined enough and are not ready to do it, the medication will stay on the sink and the drinks will keep flowing. You have to have a reason to quit and that is the only way to truly discover how to quit drinking.

Finding reasons to quit drinking
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 For someone that has children, this may be just the reason that is needed. You have children that depend on you and that want to have you around for many years to come. They enjoy the time that they spend with you when you are not drinking and they want more of that time. If you put a picture of them in your wallet or in front of the spot you keep your debit card, you will see them each time you try to get money for a drink.

As you look at that picture, remember that they are depending on you and that they would be so disappointed if you came home drunk once again. The love of your children is amazing and they can help you fill the void that is there that causes you to drink. Think of them when you want a drink and this may help you find the perfect way to quit drinking.

If you do not have children to think of, it is time to get a buddy. You need to go to the local meetings for alcoholics and find someone there that can offer you some support when pressure rises and you begin to think about having a drink. The steps that are laid out in the AA meetings will help you. You must really want to stop drinking though or the tools and resources that they provide for you will simply go to waste.

As well as going to Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, meetings, you need to find something to occupy your time. If you go home every night and think about how your life is such a mess, you are likely to become more depressed and the urge to drink will surely follow. Find some place to volunteer your time. There are many organizations that need additional help and you may find that when you are focused on something productive that your interest in having a drink will decline.

Once you discover how to quit drinking in a way that works well for you, stay focused and keep it up. When you stop drinking you are helping to ensure that you will have a long life filled with great times that you will remember since you were not drunk during them. You will find that you have a greater joy in your life and that you will appreciate those that are in your life that have helped you get there. Drinking causes heartache and harm to you and also to those around you so when you sober up for good you will be helping many more people than just yourself.

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