increase metabolism naturallyIs there a way to lose weight easily? Contrary to popular advertisements, weight loss is not exactly easy, it can be made simpler, but it is still going to be a process. Some people find this process to be extremely difficult and even painful. Do you want the truth about weight loss? You are going to have to decrease your caloric intake and increase your caloric burn. Sounds easy right? Not always, which is why many people turn to diet pills and other synthetic metabolism boosters.

Natural Option

Instead of pumping your body full of chemicals and foreign substances, you might want to consider the different ways you can increase metabolism naturally. The human body is a wonderful thing and if you manage its natural resources carefully, you will be able to maintain a healthy weight. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


You already know that moving your body burns extra calories; however did you know it can also bump your metabolism up a notch or two as well? When you exercise, at least 30 minutes per day you will raise your metabolism, or the rate at which the body breaks down food for fuel. That means your body will burn calories faster than normal for the next day or so, even while you are asleep!

Chill Out

Drink more cold drinks, particularly ice water if you want to naturally boost your metabolism. Cold drinks affect your core body temperature, which should be an average 98.6, and when it falls the body must kick into overdrive to raise your temperature back into normal ranges. Moreover, the body is its most efficient when properly hydrated, making drinking ice water a double whammy.

Build Muscle

How much lean muscle mass do you possess? It has been proven repeatedly that lean muscle burns more calories than fat. Most people are under the impression that only body builders should be lifting weights; oh contraire! When you want to really maximize the calories that you burn and increase metabolism naturally, adds weights to your exercise routine.


Some people try to lose weight by starving themselves, which in theory should work. Unfortunately, it usually has the opposite effect. Calories in and calories out is a simple equation that should always result in weight loss, but you must factor in the body’s survival mechanism. When the body is deprived of fuel it will actually hold on to the fat stores even that much more as a way of hedging its bets against a perceived famine! Never starve yourself to lose weight, it may work in the short term but long term you will lose muscle mass and find it harder to get your metabolism back to normal levels.

There are several ways you can structure a healthy diet for weight loss and to boost metabolism naturally. Some people find that six smaller meals per day is just the ticket and since your metabolism will slow between meals to conserve energy this makes sense. Of course, you cannot eat six full size meals per day and expect to lose weight; in fact, you will quickly put on the pounds. Instead, try eating 4-6 small yet well-rounded meals, especially breakfast.


Diet pill and gadget manufacturers want you to believe there is a secret to losing weight or increasing your metabolism and they have it. Nevertheless, the truth is you can boost metabolism naturally and lose weight with just a little common sense and physical effort. Do not fill your body synthetic drugs or supplements when all you need is already at your disposal.

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