inner thigh exercisesDo you want to have toned thighs?  Inner thigh exercises may help.  The muscles of the thighs are called the hip adductors and need to be targeted in order to be toned.  Exercises that target the thighs can be done at least three times weekly for at least fifteen minutes each time.  Grab an exercise mat, or exercise on the carpet.  It can take up to ten weeks to see the toning and feel the strength.

If you have access to a gym, there is a machine that helps to target the thighs.  It is called the cable adductor machine.  It works by having the feet and legs press against pads, and bring knees together, hold, then return.  If the machine allows for different settings, start with the easiest setting and work up to the more difficult ranges.   This type of weight training will target and tone the thighs.

This is one of the true inner thigh exercises.  Lay down on your left side.  Rest your head so that it is properly aligned with your body, use a rolled up towel or a small pillow.  Take your right leg and bend it over to lie on the floor to your front.  Extend your other leg straight to the foot.  Lift the left extended leg about half a foot.  Hold it there for a moment or two, then slowly bring it back to the floor but don’t allow the foot to touch the floor, instead raise it back up to hold again.  Repeat this process ten times.  Trade sides and lay on your right side.  Left leg bent towards your front.  Right leg straight to the foot, and lift half a foot, hold, lower and repeat as above ten times.  Roll back over and repeat the entire process once more, with both sides / legs.

Another of the inner thigh exercises is to have you lay flat on your back while on the floor.  Take a large pillow or a small ball (a Swiss Ball will do) and place it between your calves to hold it in place.  Squeeze the pillow / ball, trying to focus equal pressure with both legs.  Do this ten times.  Repeat.

Working the inner thigh is good, but work some on the outer thigh too to have balanced muscle strength.  For this exercise lay down on your left side again, except prop up with your left forearm.  Bend the left leg a bit and take your right leg and stretch it out at a forty-five degree angle to your front.  Raise it slowly about half a foot in one motion.  Hold for one moment, then bring it back down, again not touching the floor before lifting back up.  Repeat this motion ten times.  Then switch to lying on the right side and repeat the entire process except with the right leg being raised and lowered.  Repeat the entire process for about three times.  Once you are use to this, add a light ankle weight to increase the strength.

Keep working in the inner thigh exercises for a couple of months to really bring on extra strength and tone.  You will notice this when you are walking, jogging or swimming.

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