iodine deficiency symptomsIodine is a trace mineral that helps the thyroid. Although it’s not very common in most parts of the developed world, iodine deficiency takes place when people don’t eat enough foods that contain this trace mineral. The most plentiful source of iodine is through salt. Along with salt, seafood has plenty of iodine. While most of the world lives in regions that allow people to gain the iodine that they need, many people don’t.

These people tend to live in impoverished and underdeveloped countries. Having said this, there are developed countries such as Australia, and countries located in Europe that experience populations of people with iodine deficiency symptoms

Complications and iodine deficiency symptoms:

Two diseases that are caused by iodine deficiency is Goiter and Cretinism. Goiter is caused by a lack of thyroid hormones. The neck will swell. However, it can be treated with iodine supplements, if the condition is treated within five years of its introduction in the body.

Cretinism is a term that describes those who are mentally handicapped. This condition takes place when because of low iodine levels, a child can be born with or develop mental disabilities. Other  iodine deficiency symptoms include mental sluggishness, weight gain, depression, and low body temperatures. These symptoms are why many countries have decided to add this mineral to table salt. For example, in the US, it’s very common to find table salt with iodine added to it. Therefore, the typical American won’t suffer with  iodine deficiency symptoms, unless they have totally eliminated table salt from their diet. There are in fact populations of people who feel that it’s best to eliminate table salt from their diet. These people feel that they are trying to eliminate the chance of high blood pressure and heart disease.

Other  iodine deficiency symptoms:

If a person is suffering from low to non-existent iodine levels, they will show mental symptoms such as mental sluggishness, and depression. They will experience physical symptoms such as hair loss, weight gain, and general hormonal imbalances. It’s not widely known, but the lack of iodine also causes hormonal imbalances that can lead to breast cancer, and fibroids in the uterus. Cysts can form in the breasts as a result of this condition as well.

What can be done to reverse  iodine deficiency symptoms:

Iodine supplements can be purchased to prevent or in many cases, reverse these conditions. Many people have found that within a couple of months, many of the issues that they were experiencing were treated. Of course, no supplement program to treat health conditions should be started without consulting a doctor. The doctor first needs to perform blood work in order to diagnose a lack of iodine in the blood. The doctor needs to get an exact read on what is missing, so that they can prescribe the amount of iodine that should be supplemented.

Also, there are natural food sources such as egg yolks, seafood and of course, iodized table salt that can be consumed to help prevent this condition.

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