lower cholesterol naturallyIt can be easy to lower cholesterol naturally without the use of prescription medications called statin drugs.  It requires a lifestyle change with nutrition and exercise.   A complete lifestyle change will affect your health overall and add years to your life.  Keeping the levels in normal ranges will help to prevent serious diseases that can cause clogged arteries.  These can lead to detrimental health issues that can cause strokes and heart attacks.  But normally diet (eating the right foods) and exercise and getting rid of bad habits (like smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol) will help to keep this from happening.

It helps to know that cholesterol is produced naturally in the body.  It is vital in the creation of healthy cells, insulating the nerves, hormones and vitamin D.  But having too much of it is bad and at times we may have levels that are too high.  The disease that causes clogged arteries is called atherosclerosis, means plaque in the arteries.  This causes the arteries to become narrow and hinders or stops the flow of blood to either the brain or heart, resulting in cardiovascular disease and strokes.  It causes poor circulation and if not taken care of can lead to fatal illnesses.

Taking prescriptions doesn’t always help.  Statin drugs like Lipitor does lower cholesterol but it has detrimental side-effects like stopping the body from producing coenzymeQ10.  CoenzymeQ10 helps the heart muscle to stay strong without it the muscles become fatigued and won’t operate correctly.  Statin drugs are harsh to the liver and can cause neuropathy, myopathy and rhabdomyolysis – all pain and breakdown issues with the muscles (as a result of blocking the production of the coenzymeQ10).  It also causes a host of other issues from loss of memory to sexual dysfunction to digestive issues and the list goes on.   It only makes sense to try natural methods before turning to harmful prescriptions.

To begin to lower cholesterol naturally start with your diet.  It is necessary to eat good fats.  These are fats that are in foods like extra virgin olive oil and fish.  Fish oil contains a very vital nutrient called omega 3, which helps the body to naturally improve.

It also helps to lower the chances of heart disease by lowering blood pressure.  Exercise also helps and you only need to do a half an hour’s worth a day.  It helps to provide energy and lose weight too.  Exercising increases the good HDL and decreases the bad LDL.

Eat a  healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables.  The phytonutrient antioxidants that they contain works great to fight against cardiovascular disease.  Instead of reaching for  junk food, reach for a healthy whole fruit or veggie.  Eat foods that are high in fiber too like beans and whole grains.  Fiber helps the cholesterol to stick to it, and it passes out of the body easily.

If you can’t eat all the healthy foods take supplements that will help to fill in the gap.  There are [amazon_link id=”B004O2I9JO” target=”_blank” ]fish oil capsules[/amazon_link] and whole food supplements that gather the nutrients from the whole foods into a tablet form.  Vitamin B complex is good as well as garlic and GTF chromium.

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