metabolism boosting foodsHave you ever been on a low calorie diet and still found it difficult to lose weight? Did you know some people have actually gained weight while dieting? While every commercial diet on the market will try to convince you that there is some secret ingredient to losing weight the truth is, you need to lower your caloric intake, increase your caloric burn and perhaps add a few metabolism-boosting foods to the menu for good measure.


It helps a bit to understand what your metabolism is and while it is a complicated set of chemical processes within the human body there is a simple description as well. Metabolism is the processes by which your body uses food for energy. The problem with metabolism is the fact that it is different for everyone, at least to some degree.

Have you ever met someone who could eat an entire cheesecake and never gain an ounce of excess fat? This is someone who has a high metabolism, or to put it a bit more simply, their body burns calories at an accelerated rate. On the flip side of course is the slow metabolism, these are people who can look at a cookie and gain a pound! These are the two extremes of metabolism, most people fall somewhere in between but most can still benefit from eating a diet high in metabolism boosting foods.

A Few Boosting Foods

One of the best metabolism boosting foods is actually a drink, water! H20 provides so many benefits to the body it is difficult to know where to begin. When it comes to weight loss water does several things, number one it will suppress your appetite. Studies show that many times thirst is mistaken for hunger due to the fact that the signals in the brain are similar. Water will also flush toxins from the body reducing bloat from sodium build up and toxins.

Were you always under the impression that the grapefruit diet was a myth or old wives tale? According to research grapefruit diets do work, in fact a recent study showed that dieters who ate one-half of a grapefruit with each meal lost 3.6 pounds over 12 weeks. Grapefruit has unique properties that lower insulin levels, which in turn boosts metabolism.

Broccoli may not be on everyone’s favorite food list; however, it is probably one of the best metabolism boosting foods available. Many studies have shown a decided link between calcium and weight loss, which broccoli has in spades. Alongside high levels of calcium broccoli also contains vitamin C, foliate and vitamin A. When you consider this nutritious fiber rich food is only 20 calories per cup, you quickly recognize it is nearly a super food.

  • Oatmeal
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Lean Turkey
  • Tuna
  • Green Tea

Final Thoughts

Weight loss is a problem that millions of people face each and every day, evidenced by the billion dollar industry that has grown up around the problem. First, understand that as a rule there are no magic pills or powders that will melt the weight from your body. Everyone who wants to lose weight wishes for these gadgets, gizmos and miracle supplements but they are definitely a myth! Eat right to boost your metabolism, then take advantage of the energy boost by exercising faithfully if you want to lose weight and keep it off.



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