Natural kidney detox

Doing a kidney detox is very beneficial for our well being.  The kidneys are an organ that naturally filters the fluid wastes out of our body.  Detoxing the kidneys helps it to completely get rid of the toxins in the fluids in our body.  It also helps to maintain healthy blood pH levels and to produce healthy blood cells.  The kidneys filter out all the harmful wastes from our blood and bodily fluids.  Making sure they can do their job better will help us to be healthier.

Kidneys Are The Body’s Filter And Works Similar To a Water Filter

The kidneys never stop working if they are healthy.  Being a filter in the body, they work day and night to pull out the wastes, so detoxifying the kidneys is recommended to help it continue to work at one hundred percent.  Healthy kidneys help us to have good health, including a healthy functioning immune system and vitality.  Detoxifying these very important filter organs should be considered for continued good health.

Kidney Detox Diet

Detoxifying the kidneys requires that you are on a good detox diet.  To properly detox the kidneys you should first avoid sugar and reduce the salt intake.  These two can affect calcium metabolism.  Drinking fresh squeezed fruit juice is a good way to naturally detoxify the kidneys.  Drinking fresh squeezed juice from both fruits and vegetables helps to build our system, cleanses, energizes and regenerates our body.  Drinking these juices along with plenty of water will help to cleanse the kidneys.

A person should drink plenty of water on top of drinking the juices.  To figure out how much water you need, take your weight in pounds and divide by two.  That is the amount in ounces you need each day.  If you weigh 150 pounds, divided by two you get 75.  You would need to consume 75 ounces of water a day to help flush out the kidneys.  You should drink this much water every day, even after the kidney detox to help maintain healthy kidneys.  Water helps to prevent kidney stones.  Kidney stones are produced when there is an abundance of mineral salts present in the kidneys.  Water helps to keep this flushed out.

Cranberry Juice for a Kidney Detox

Cranberry juice has always been heralded as an excellent kidney cleaner.  It is the proanthocyanidin contained in the cranberries that helps the body to better detox.  People drink cranberry juice to help  clear up bladder infections as well.  It works too by detoxifying the kidneys.

Recommendations of Doing A Kidney Detox

Use fresh squeezed juices, which are better than the canned juices.  If you buy canned juice, make sure it is 100 % fruit or vegetable juice with nothing else added.  Many bottled and canned juices will have a lot of additives like sugars and unhealthy preservatives.  These will not properly clean out the kidneys.  Buy a good juicer and prepare your own fruit and vegetable juices for the best results.  Doing a juice fast for a couple of days will help the body go into a good detoxification for the kidneys.  Drinking the fresh juices will provide the body with all the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to function properly.

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