mental health problem

There are a lot of illnesses that affect people and they all have their various symptoms and signs. Mental health problems just like any other illnesses also have symptoms that one can use to detect problems that are developing in an individual. Knowing these signs can be a very big advantage since the earlier you are able to detect a health problem the better it is because action can be taken before the situation gets out of hand.


The first sign that anyone has ever exhibited when facing such problem is a state of confused or uncoordinated thinking. If you notice this trait in anyone you know, it is advisable to try and give a closer checkup in order to establish the real implication. This is not to mean that it is automatic that the person may be ill.


Since the mind is the center of all coordination and most of the thinking is done from the same place, if it is affected in any way, you will notice the victim experiencing long spells of sadness and in some cases they become easily irritable. Such persons will snap very quickly without any good reason and must be treated with care to avoid the situation from getting out of hand.

By the above statement, it could also be summarized that such persons often have mood swings that may not be very easy to explain. As a result of the mood swings, they will end up feeling socially unacceptable and eventually getting withdrawn because they will start feeling unwanted out of the fact that they may tend to be quarrelsome at all times.

Another common sign is a feeling of constant anxiety. Such people always tend to be worried about anything and everything. They might also have unnatural eating and sleeping habits. This could be noticed by the way they either do not sleep right or maybe even fail to sleep at all for long hours.

Hallucination is another common trait that should be treated seriously should you notice it on anyone. This is because most mental health problems often start with these signs and later degenerate into full blown symptoms. It is also possible to find such persons trying to commit suicide.

A warning sign is obvious for anyone who attempts suicide. This is a sure way of expressing metal health problems and instability. Other signs that you should not overlook is when a person tends to have a lot of unexplained physical problems such as injuries that the person cannot really explain their origin.

Of course drug abuse is an obvious sign that many people often ignore especially if the abuser has been doing it for some time. Anyone who abuses drugs and substances should be checked because that is a sure sign of silent suffering that should be checked out as soon as possible before it develops into a bigger problem.

In the case of children, easy irritability and uncontrolled tantrums are a sure sign that should be dealt with in due time to avoid any surprises in the future should the problem continue to persist.