Cholesterol MeatThe whole issue of eating right is a very popular topic in almost every part of the world. This applies even more to countries in Northern regions, and everyday a new fast food restaurant is born. There are several diseases that exist, such as, hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol. Discover some in-depth information about cholesterol and its warning signs.

Cholesterol actually belongs to our body functions and provides, Vitamin D and hormones. It is a soft and waxy type of substance located in the liver. The bodily function normally comes in two forms, high-density and low-density, also known as low-density lipoprotein.

Low-density lipoprotein is when too much circulates in the blood, which will eventually form a thick type of plaque substance and narrow the arteries. This makes way for a condition called atherosclerosis. High-density is the good type where the high levels protect persons against heart attacks and removes excess build up in the arteries.

Fast food industries, make the situation even more challenging, because of their attractive price deals and ingredients that flavor the food. These include mayonnaise, butter or margarine, cooking oil, milk, and the Monosodium glutamate (MSG) spices, which bursts alive in their mouths.

Ingredients used in foods is a major player, but artificial preservatives have an integral part to play in the disease. Preservatives was created initially to keep certain foods from spoiling. The natural form was salt, vinegar and sugar. Some still use the natural preservative method on some foods, an example of that is fish.

The artificial form is more effective and hence many food processors prefer this method. Eating highly preserved foods everyday causes tumor growth, cancer, blood pressure increase and allergies. This means that meats indulged in at restaurants daily such as, chickens, pork chops, burgers, fries, shrimps, crabs, kidney and liver, are possibly preserved the artificial way.

Some of those foods also contain high levels of the disease, which exposes their heart to kidney problems, stroke, peripheral artery disease and coronary artery disease. What’s more, the foods sometimes contain certain fats that are unhealthy to the body. There are three types of fats are trans-fatty acids, oxidized and hydrogenated fats.

Trans-fatty acids are purely artificial processes which may lead to rapid aging and clogged arteries. Oxidized fats are certain chemicals exposed; this is clear when butter and oils turn into a different color. Hydrogenated fats form during the processing of vegetable oils, and individuals who eat this daily might get coronary heart disease.

Eventually, the most deadly form of low-density lipoprotein is a heart attack. This signifies the disease is really too low and needs immediate medical attention. Certain signs of heart attack begins with nausea, migraines, fatigue and then the person becomes short of breath, pains in the upper parts of body and even fainting.

All these signs should not be ignored and must visit a doctor at the nearest hospital. Sometimes the symptoms are gradual, unfortunately though, a heart attack is very silent and some only realize this during an actual attack.