high triglyceridesFor some reason, somewhere in the not so distant past, medical terms such as “cholesterol, triglycerides and fat” seem to have taken on an ominous, negative connotation. This may just be the outcome from successful health product marketing since such substances as triglycerides are very important performing two essential functions in the human body. Triglycerides act as the primary source for fat storage producing energy while additionally serving as the building blocks for cell growth.

The negative connotation coming into play is about the presence of high triglycerides in the blood stream increasing an individual’s propensity for developing certain adverse health conditions such as heart disease. This can be found in about 10 percent of the population with related situations such as obesity, eating a lot of carbs, being totally inactive while downing more than your fair share of tall cold ones – alcohol usage. The occurrence of high triglycerides in the blood, also known as hypertriglyceridemia, does not do the body good since it leads to a variety of poor health problems.

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how to beat heart disease

Heart disease is the number one cause of deaths in men and women. There are a number of things a person can do to help prevent this from happening. It takes dedication, determination and will power, but it is not a hard thing to do especially knowing that prevention can save a life.

The disease is associated with heart attacks, coronary and congenital heart disease and congestive heart failure. Always follow your doctor’s advice and follow their plan of attack that he or she has given you.

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tips on disease management

The greatest problem that anyone can ever have in life is to have a disease that cannot be cured. It is so unfortunate that many people are faced with this kind of situations. If you happen to be a victim of chronic illnesses, the only option that one has is to have proper disease management in order to ensure you live a prolonged and happy life without interference from your condition.


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