Down Syndrome Facts

Down Syndrome FactsDown syndrome happens once every six hundred ninety or so births.  It is a condition that causes intellectual and physical delays.  Normal people have 46 chromosomes and a person with down’s has one extra.  It is the most common genetic chromosomal condition.  It can occur to any race of people.  Down’s is diagnosed either right after birth or during the pregnancy if the right tests have been taken.


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The Best Vitamin A Foods

vitamin A FoodsVitamin A is very beneficial for our health, it helps to boost our immune system, it is healthy for our skin and vision and helps with gene transcription.  If a person has a vitamin A deficiency they are more susceptible to viral infections and can even lead to being blind.  This is mainly seen in developing countries where vitamin A deficiency and results in children who are blind.  Consuming too much isn’t healthy either as it can cause yellowing of the skin known as jaundice.  It can also show up in the forms of irritability, hair loss, appetite loss, and vomiting.   It is best to derive the vitamin from food sources to avoid overdosing.

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Triglycerides Are Good, But…

high triglyceridesFor some reason, somewhere in the not so distant past, medical terms such as “cholesterol, triglycerides and fat” seem to have taken on an ominous, negative connotation. This may just be the outcome from successful health product marketing since such substances as triglycerides are very important performing two essential functions in the human body. Triglycerides act as the primary source for fat storage producing energy while additionally serving as the building blocks for cell growth.

The negative connotation coming into play is about the presence of high triglycerides in the blood stream increasing an individual’s propensity for developing certain adverse health conditions such as heart disease. This can be found in about 10 percent of the population with related situations such as obesity, eating a lot of carbs, being totally inactive while downing more than your fair share of tall cold ones – alcohol usage. The occurrence of high triglycerides in the blood, also known as hypertriglyceridemia, does not do the body good since it leads to a variety of poor health problems.

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Understanding the Importance of Health Insurance

health insuranceHealth insurance is beneficial for people to have all over the world, and there are numerous reasons why you will find that it can make life easier. Medical expenses can begin to add up, and before you know you will have a medical bill that you cannot afford to pay. Being unwell is a difficult and worrying time; therefore, having some form of insurance will ensure that you worry less.

In the past, it was often thought that insurance was only designed for the elderly, however, today there are packages to suit all ages. Many younger people have the misconception that as they are younger and currently healthy, there is no need for them to have health insurance. However, being prepared is always better than discovering you are ill and unable to pay the medical bills.

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How To Beat Heart Disease

how to beat heart disease

Heart disease is the number one cause of deaths in men and women. There are a number of things a person can do to help prevent this from happening. It takes dedication, determination and will power, but it is not a hard thing to do especially knowing that prevention can save a life.

The disease is associated with heart attacks, coronary and congenital heart disease and congestive heart failure. Always follow your doctor’s advice and follow their plan of attack that he or she has given you.

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Basic Steps To Get Health Insurance

health insuranceMedical expenses can be very large and health insurance is often a good idea as it prevents you from needing to pay extortionate amounts. The need for health care bills may come up at any time and some amount of safety can be obtained from insurance. In order to calculate a finance structure, the expenses for health are worked out for a given targeted group, before a monthly premium or a payroll tax is established.

This way, money will be there in the insurance account so that there are expenses for the health bills. A scheme is set up be a contract being agreed on between the provider and the customer. This contract can be lifelong, renewable or it might be mandatory, depending on where you live or the sort of insurance.

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Some In-Depth Information About Cholesterol

Cholesterol MeatThe whole issue of eating right is a very popular topic in almost every part of the world. This applies even more to countries in Northern regions, and everyday a new fast food restaurant is born. There are several diseases that exist, such as, hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol. Discover some in-depth information about cholesterol and its warning signs.

Cholesterol actually belongs to our body functions and provides, Vitamin D and hormones. It is a soft and waxy type of substance located in the liver. The bodily function normally comes in two forms, high-density and low-density, also known as low-density lipoprotein.

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Relationship Between Substance Abuse And Mental Health

mental health problemThere are many causes of mental health in human beings but the most obvious and common one is substance abuse. It has been noted that persons who abuse substances such as drugs and alcohol are always at higher risks of developing mental health related problems.

The main reason behind this association of the substance abuse and mental problems come from the fact that the drugs largely affect the nervous system which in turn plays a major role in determining psychological stability or the lack of it.

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