Is there a more dreaded word in the English language than exercise? Okay, maybe taxes and diet are at the top of that list as well, but you get the idea. Most people dread exercising, even though they know it is an important part of living healthy. Why do so many people dread working out? There are several reasons actually, and water aerobic exercises can address the majority.


No Pain, No Gain!

Perhaps the number one reason people avoid exercise is pain or more accurately fear of pain! This is especially true for those with medical issues or for whom weight is a real issue. Aerobic exercise may be the best method of losing weight and improving your health but it can be damaging to your joints if you are extremely overweight! Water aerobic exercises provides all the benefits of heart pumping cardio without any impact stress.

Circulatory Benefits

Varicose veins and even hemorrhoids are a result of increased Venus pressure. If you thought these were issued only older individuals face, think again. Younger women can experience varicose veins during pregnancy or again a side effect of weight gain. Cardiovascular exercise and weight loss are great natural treatment options, and water aerobics or swimming are the best vehicles for the exercise. You see water acts as a natural “compression stocking” and the combination of water pressure with exercise helps to force the blood from the lower extremities.

Complete Exercise

If you are going to exercise, you want to get the most bang for your buck, right? Water aerobics helps you do just that! Water provides 12 times more resistance than air, which means aerobics done in the water are going to be much more effective at burning calories. Add to that your buoyancy in the water and a multidirectional force on the muscles and you get what could arguably be called the best work out ever.

Almost Universal

While there are exceptions to every rule, water aerobics comes very close to being the perfect exercise for everyone. Age, fitness level and many times even disability will not prevent you from getting a great workout in the water. This is due in part to the buoyancy levels; instead of fighting gravity on the ground, you have support, which means no jarring impact and better overall form during exercise. You don’t even have to know how to swim to do water aerobics.

Example Exercises:

-Jumping jacks
-Breast stroke
-Line jumping
-Bicycle kick (may require buoyancy device such as arm rings)
-Jogging with a noodle (floating device)
-Punching- using water as resistance

Caloric Burn

Now that you know a little more about why and who can benefit from water aerobics, you may be wondering about the results. Working out in water provides greater resistance than working out in the air, which means more caloric burn. For example- one hour in pool:

-160 lbs. Person- 292 calories
-200 lbs. Person- 364 calories
-240 lbs. Person- 436 calories


If you have been avoiding getting in shape perhaps, it is time you gave water aerobics a chance. Regular exercise is necessary for a healthy body and as an added bonus, you can get out and meet new people. As we get older and get busy, it is easy to become somewhat isolated, attending a water aerobics class can break this cycle. Enjoy life to the fullest by getting fit and staying healthy.

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