walking and lose weight

Doctors recommend walking-off weight above all other exercise plans. You may already know this; you may even resolve to lace-up your walking shoes and walk faithfully every day. But, what happens when you reach a weight loss plateau, get bored or need a little push to get moving?

Motivational Workout for Two

Let’s explore the benefits of a motivational workout for two. Many people are enlisting friends, co-workers or even husbands as their fitness partners. It’s amazing what a great motivator your fitness partner can be. While you’re working out, you can work out problems too.

You’re less likely to blow-off walking for a day or two when your partner is waiting for you. You can challenge each other to walk further each day. Talking as you walk beats boredom. It’s safer to walk in pairs. When you’re feeling down, your friend can lift you up and vice-versa.

Get Comfortable

It’s inexpensive to go out into the natural world and walk to lose weight. You’ll need a comfortable pair of shoes that are specifically designed for walking. But, you should also be comfortable in your clothes. Cotton workout wear is perfect for walking because the fabric breathes easily. Women might consider investing in a well-fitting sports bra.

Rev it up!

If both of you are experienced walkers, who have reached a weight loss plateau, it may be time to re up the intensity. Your body will use more energy when challenged. By adding weight or resistance it forces the body to work harder and burn additional calories.

Try wearing a weighted vest or just carry 2-pound hand weights. A walking belt will help align your back and tone your body. Seek a walking route with steps or hills. Challenge your fitness partner – wear pedometers – and increase the number of steps each time you walk. Keep a tally for one week and see who walked more steps.

Walk longer, walk faster and add high intensity moves, like stair climbing or jumping jacks, into your walks.


Pacing is imperative for an optimal workout. Begin each session by walking slowly for about 10 minutes to warm up. This increases circulation and allows your joints to release fluid for comfortable range of motion.

For the next 10 minutes, adopt a brisker pace, a bit faster than warming-up, but you can still chat with your partner.

Walk faster about 15 minutes. Power-walk, like you’re trying to catch up with someone. This pace will help slim your body.

The final 10 minutes, slow down so that your body temperature can drop and your heart rate can return to normal.

You can adjust pacing to adapt to total time walked.

Walking Time

Not only will you need to adjust pacing, you’ll need to increase the amount of time that you walk each day. You and your fitness partner can formulate a plan that works and stick with the plan to lose weight.

If you’re newbies to ¬†workouts, start slowly. Walk one mile on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; rest Thursday; walk one mile Friday and two miles Saturday. Keep boosting increments until both of you can walk comfortably for three miles at all the places.

Eating nutritious meals is also important when attempting to lose weight.



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