anxiety controlMany people experience anxiety and some of them scour the library and browse the internet searching for information that will help them to control their anxiety. Some even visit their doctors as they do everything they can think of to alleviate this most distressing disorder. Much of the time, frustration is the result of all this research, and that is mostly due to the fact that each person will experience anxiety in unique ways, and that means the treatment must be tailored to the individual.

Anxiety and panic attacks are not always accompanied by any physical signs, but to those experiencing it understand that it can be just as painful as other physical health conditions. There may be tightening in the chest, difficulty with breathing, sweating, dizziness, fainting, insomnia, unexplained fear, and many other manifestations. Anxiety can also run in the family. Often times, people make decisions based on anxiety and their lack of understanding of how to control it.

Here are some tips that may help you when you feel an impending panic attack building.

  1. Take yourself away from the situation that may be causing it.
  2. Remind yourself that you really are safe.
  3. Educate yourself about this condition so that you will understand that it is not harmful.

Since many people do not understand how to control anxiety, they ultimately allow it to control their lives. You can begin to take your life back by learning just a few techniques. There is no doubt that you want to regain your own personality, and that is possible when you have the right information and are dedicated to practicing calming exercises.

The first thing you must know is that you really can do this. You can complete your exam, or make it through the checkout line of your local grocery store, or do anything else that is making you anxious. Even those times when you cannot complete the task you have started, it is important that you tell yourself that you really can do it and then go try it again when you are calm.

It may sound a bit silly to continually tell yourself that you are okay and safe, but this reassurance is helpful. You are convincing your mind that you are right. Going along with telling yourself that you are safe is the fact that the statement is true. The reason is it true is because there is no threat. You have nothing to fear. Breathe deeply and continue to tell yourself this over and over until you finally feel you have relaxed.

Make a note of what has triggered anxiety. It could have been a crowded store, visiting your doctor’s office or some other trigger. When you feel an attack coming on, remove yourself from the troubling situation until you are able to get your anxiety under control. You have to go right back and try again. This is just the beginning of controlling your anxiety. You have to face your demons if you are going to be successful, but you have to face them when you are calm.

Most people who suffer from panic or anxiety attacks are desperate for a cure. There is comfort in the knowledge that there is a way to find a cure and that you can eventually live a more comfortable life.


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